WCQ: Portugal vs North Macedonia

Unable to pass the qualifying stage, both Portugal and North Macedonia must fight for the prestigious ticket to the World Cup finals this winter with the Play-off final. With the home advantage in this match, let’s wait and see how Portugal will continue to take down the North Macedonian prey.

Portugal overcame Turkish players in the Semi-finals with a score of 3-1 to get closer to the ticket to the 2022 World Cup Finals. The two teams drew 0-0 in the first 14 minutes. and the European Selecao were promoted through two precious first-half goals from Otavio and Diogo Jota in the 15th and 42nd minutes.

Portugal has a very bad performance in November 2021 with consecutive draws and losses. However, in welcoming Turkey in the play-off semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, they have shown the bravery of a team that has regularly participated in the Euro finals or the World Cup for many years by 1. Very scientific way. Even the army of coach Fernando Santos was the one who took the initiative in most of the game to finish off the Turkish opponent in the last match.

To compare with its opponent, it is not difficult to realize that North Macedonia is significantly inferior in strength. Their current squad also does not have any really outstanding stars playing in major tournaments. In the group stage of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, coach Blagoja Milevski’s teachers and students only brought back 18 points after 10 rounds with 2nd place overall. However, in the UEFA Nations League 2021-22 – League C playground, they did not play well when they got 9 points after 6 matches.

With 9 points in hand, North Macedonia was ranked 2nd in group 2. In fact, Blagoja Milevski’s teachers and students were unbeaten in the last 3 outings, including 3 times of complete joy. In the past, this team has encountered Portugal once and they also did not win when drawing with a score of 0-0. In general, the difficulty will be great for the Tose Proeski Arena home team on the upcoming trip, even if they have won the last 3 away matches.

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