WCQ 2022 | North/Central America

Only having to welcome the weak El Salvador team in the next match is too good a chance for the US team to regain the joy of victory.

The US is second with 15 points won after 8 matches, 1 point behind the top team with a gap of 1 point. In fact, this is not a good achievement because they are highly appreciated compared to the rest of the competitors. The players need to play more focused and determined.

It can be seen that the US is somewhat weak when it comes to away from home with the last 2 consecutive matches only drawing and losing. However, at home, they still showed their strength with 3 consecutive victories, including a strong opponent Mexico. The ability to score goals is very regular and effective. Promising that the US will get an easy victory in the upcoming match.

El Salvador is an underrated team. They are only at the penultimate position in the rankings with only 6 points won after 8 matches. In fact, El Salvador’s goal is probably just a competitive competition, their ability to win tickets is almost impossible.

Although at home El Salvador still played a bit uncomfortable, but away from home, they performed a very poor face. All 3 matches away from home, played against El Salvador, had to taste defeat. Weak mentality makes it impossible for them to keep the necessary focus on the defence. Therefore, in front of a superior opponent like the US, the possibility that El Salvador must receive defeat is very high.

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