EFL: Middlesbrough vs Cardiff

Middlesbrough shot himself in the foot in the top 6 race. They were forced to take all 3 points against Cardiff, otherwise hope became increasingly remote.

Middlesbrough has been pushed down to 8th place in the rankings, 5 points behind the paly-off group, but played 1 game less. They used to have a huge advantage, but with a catastrophic decline in recent times, they have been somewhat left behind in the top 6 race.

Calculating, in the last 5 rounds, Middlesbrough could not win a single victory, even losing 3 matches. The home field was originally a solid fulcrum, but now it has also become disappointed with the recent 3 consecutive defeats. Being able to play at home in the next round. However, it is hard to put faith in them when they all lost to Asia with the above ratio.

Cardiff has definitely got a ticket to relegation this season. It seems that this makes them play somewhat subjective recently. All 3 rounds played must be defeated. This is clearly a disappointing result for the fans. They need to quickly regain their image to be able to hold their heads high when the official season ends.

It can be seen that Cardiff is playing badly. However, they still showed their discomfort when facing tough opponents such as holding a draw with West Bromwich or making it difficult for Sheffield United. In the last 14 trips, coach Steve Morison’s teachers and students only lost 5 matches according to Asian rafters, an impressive rate. Rarely do they have to accept defeat with a difference score. Therefore, Cardiff will get a good result on Middlesbrough’s field, especially when they have not lost to the opponent in the last 3 visits.

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