EPL: Newcastle United vs Liverpool

Over the years, Newcastle United has become Liverpool’s favorite prey. With extremely high performance in recent times, it is likely that The Kop will have another sweet memory against this opponent. The ability to win with a bold score of the Anfield team is not high.

After 34 rounds in the English Premier League, Newcastle United is ranked 9th on the table. With a difference of 14 points more than the group holding the red light, the home team of St James’ Park do not have to worry too much about the relegation issue and they will enter the stage to welcome rival Liverpool today with the most comfortable mood. . It should be noted that, the army of coach Eddie Howe played at home quite well.

Statistics show that the Northeastern team only lost 1 match in the past 8 home matches. In the last 2 home matches, Chic Choe won, the highlight of which was the victory of defeating an unpleasant opponent like Leicester City with a score of 2-1. The home team’s firepower relies heavily on the assassin trio Allan Saint-Maximin, Callum Wilson and Joelinton Cassio. Of the 40 goals that Newcastle United have scored in the Premier League this season, the trio have contributed 15 goals (accounting for nearly half of the team’s total goals).

But more importantly, Liverpool is also in impressive form. The Kop is unbeaten in the past 11 rounds and won 10 victories. Thanks to that impressive performance, the Anfield team will almost certainly be in the Top 2 strongest teams when currently, they are far away from the 3rd ranked team Chelsea by a large distance of up to 14 points.

Mohamed Salah and Diogo Jota are the two names that the Newcastle United defense needs to keep an eye on. The total number of goals that this striker duo has scored since the beginning of the season in the Premier League is 37 goals. A statistic that will surely make the home team tremble. Especially with the impressive head-to-head record against Chich Choe when they won the last 6/8 matches, the away team is fully capable of winning all 3 points.

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