ESP: Barcelona vs Mallorca

Barcelona will host rival Mallorca in the match of round 35 of La Liga and it must be added that Mallorca’s form away from home is also extremely bad when losing 8 of the last 9 away matches. Coach Xavi’s teachers and students are fully capable of winning a big victory at home.

In this part of the field, Barcelona’s performance is also quite disappointing when losing 2/3 of the past matches in the Spanish league. However, compared to the away team, it is much better. The proof is that they won 6 in the last 9 rounds. Moreover, with the 5th place team Real Betis 6 points, the team under the direction of coach Xavi still has many opportunities to keep a position in the Top 4 of the rankings.

Therefore, the home team’s motivation must be no less competitive than that of rival Mallorca. Moreover, the home form of the Catalan team in La Liga is also quite stable, when they have won in the last 4/6 matches along with having opened fire 13 times in 4 confrontations. early last. Those are the reasons to believe that the Nou Camp home team will get all 3 points in this match.

With only 32 points after 33 rounds in the Spanish league, it is not surprising that Mallorca is ranked 16th in the rankings. Their chance of staying in La Liga is also very slim when the gap with the group holding the red light is only 2 points even though the tournament is only 5 rounds away from closing. More importantly, the performance of the Visit Mallorca stadium team did not show any signs of improvement.

Specifically, Mallorca lost to 8 of the last 10 rounds in the No. 1 Spanish tournament. In the latest defeat, they just received a 0-3 defeat against the 14th ranked team Elche. Entering the match today, the away team did not have the service of 4 pillars because of injury. They are midfielder Aleksandar Sedlar, striker Amath Ndiaye, midfielder Inigo Ruiz and goalkeeper Dominik Greif.

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