EFL: Bournemouth vs Nottingham

Bournemouth and Nottingham are sharing second and third positions on the table with a difference of 3 points. Therefore, the 33rd round match between the two clubs is no different from a final and the winner will open the opportunity to win a direct promotion ticket. This is definitely a tense and exciting match until the last minute.

After two consecutive draws, Bournemouth won an important victory over Blackburn Rovers to continue to maintain a 3-point gap with Nottingham. Thus, the right to self-determination is still in the hands of teachers and coaches Scott Parker in the context that there are only two rounds left for the season to end. Their task is not to lose Nottingham in the next match, of course winning is what they aim for.

The Dean Court home team is currently second with 79 points, currently only Nottingham is the only opponent that can catch them in the remaining rounds. Obviously, coach Scott Parker and his students do not want to participate in the risky play-off round, they need to stop the rapid advancement of the opponent. A draw result is enough for Bournemouth to be satisfied, this is a very significant advantage and helps them feel more comfortable.

Nottingham has won 9 of the last 10 rounds in the Championship, an impressive number. If only they played so well from the beginning, the promotion ticket would probably be within reach, anyway, the opportunity has opened up for teachers and coach Steve Cooper, they need to beat the opponent at all costs. Remember, Bournemouth only has to meet Hull City in the final round and will almost certainly have a victory when this opponent has no goals.

Nottingham playing very stable recently. The reason is not only because coach Steve Cooper’s teachers and students have to play away from home, but also because Nottingham is in dire need of victory and haste is inevitable. If there is no early goal, the away team is most likely to pay the price by a quick counterattack of the opponent.

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