ECL: Marseille vs Feyenoord

Feyenoord is in high form. In the last 6 matches in all competitions, this team is unbeaten with 4 wins and 2 draws. At home, Feyenoord’s unbeaten streak has extended to 8, including 3 draws and 5 wins. Further, the previous 20 times they received guests, they won 14, drew 4 and lost only 2 matches.

However, in the semi-final first leg of the upcoming C3 European Cup, Feyenoord was soon doubted on his ability to win. Opponent Marseille is still slightly better in terms of squad quality as well as experience in the European Cup. Reaching the semi-finals of the C3 Cup this season with Feyenoord also has a lot of luck.

Because Feyenoord only had to meet weak opponents in the previous rounds. On the opposite side, Marseille showed their bravery when they won convincing victories against PAOK in the quarterfinals or Basel in the 1/8 round. In the last 11 matches in all competitions, Marseille won 10 matches, the other match was an inevitable defeat against PSG in Ligue 1.

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