Championship 2022

Last weekend, Reading made home fans terribly disappointed by losing to semi-professional team (6th) Kidderminster in the third round of the FA Cup. Let’s say Reading is not interested in that extra playground, but such a result is still difficult to accept.

Thus, for 4 consecutive matches in all competitions, this team is unbeaten (lost 2). And in the Championship 2021/22, Reading is ranked 21/24 teams with 22 points after 23 games played, right above the group holding the red light with 3 more points. The home field is no longer a solid fulcrum for Reading: 6 consecutive receptions cannot be won.

Meanwhile, Fulham is also having trouble despite being in the first group. Currently, the London team is ranked 3rd with 45 points, 1 point behind the group directly promoted to the Premier League (Top 2) but also played 2 fewer matches.

However, Fulham has 6 consecutive matches without winning even though he only lost 1. In the recent FA Cup third round, Fulham had to rely on extra time to overcome Bristol City, which is in the bottom half of the Championship table. In terms of Asian bets, this club has lost all of the last 6 matches.

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