EPL: Brighton vs Man United

With a relaxed mentality, Brighton had a great match on the field of Wolves and won with a surprising 3-0 scoreline. The next match will be a much more difficult test when they host Manchester United, the club is trying to find some honor for themselves in a disappointing season.

In the match at Molineux field, Brighton played on par with the opponent in terms of game. In terms of efficiency, teacher and coach Graham Potter proved to be superior to the opponent. Three monthly goals and three points are worthy rewards for the efforts of teacher and coach Graham Potter, they had 44 points in hand and completed the goal of relegation. Therefore, the mentality of the home team in the upcoming match is very comfortable.

The first leg took place at Old Trafford and Brighton could not be surprised when they lost 0-2. They have only won 2 times in the last 10 matches against Manchester United. However, in the current context, the army of teachers and coach Graham Potter can completely create a surprise. The opponent is playing quite erratically and does not create much confidence, of course Brighton must also have a best performance to get points.

The opportunity to win tickets to the C1 Cup has almost completely closed for the Red Devils, their goal in the remaining two matches is to try to get 6 absolute points to have a place in the Europa League or Europa Conference League. It is hard to believe that a squad with many millions of stars has had such a bad season, Manchester United have lost so much this season and they will have to start all over again next season.

In the previous round, some individuals shone again and MU won 3-0 against Brentford. Obviously, the trust for the away team has been lost when they always show erratic behavior, the fans can only wait for luck. If they continue to play as well as in the previous match, the Red Devils still have many chances to win all 3 points away from home.

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