EPL: Burnley vs Aston Villa

When cornered, Burnley was forced to fire coach Sean Dyche despite the fact that the two sides had 10 years together with many good memories (Coach Dyche helped Burnley rise to the Premier League and for many years remained firmly in the Premier League. Premier League).

But it turned out to be the right decision in the end. Since parting ways with their respected teacher and only working with an interim coach, Burnley’s players have excelled in fighting with more than 100% of their performance to continuously bring encouraging results. The 9 absolute points obtained from the last 3 rounds have helped Burnley rise from the bottom of the table to 16th in the rankings.

However, the risk of relegation is still visible on the head of interim coach Mike Jackson because the difference with Leeds (17th) is only an extra difference and Everton (18th) is only 2 points behind but played less than 1 match. . In other words, Burnley still needs to make maximum efforts if they want to be successful in relegation.

This round, Burnley is playing at Turf Moor’s home ground and welcoming guests to Aston Villa, the two teams have reached the “relegation” milestone of 40 points after defeating the bottom team Norwich with a score of 2-0 in the last round. But that was only Aston Villa’s only victory in the last 6 rounds (lost 4).

Because it is safe, there is no guarantee that many of Steven Gerrard’s students still have the motivation to play. In the last 3 away matches, Aston Villa also did not win (lost 2). Although Aston Villa is still at the top, the -1/4 handicap is currently very “fragile” because the risk of falling to 0:0 is quite high. If this is really happening by the time the ball rolls, it is better to believe in Burnley.

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