EPL: Crystal Palace vs Watford

Although not officially relegated, the possibility that Watford will continue to stay in the Premier League after this season ends is only 1%. In fact, coach Roy Hodgson’s team has accepted to give up and play extremely poorly in recent times. In such a situation, there is no way for this rookie to make a surprise in front of Crystal Palace when he is a guest at Selhurst Park.

Although not too prominent, Crystal Palace is having a successful season in the Premier League this year. Even the “Eagles” have a chance to finish the tournament with their best record since 1990-91, if they finish in the top half of the rankings. It is clear that coach Patrick Vieira has had a positive first season when managing and rebuilding the team since Roy Hodgson, to bring them to 12th place, just 3 points behind the 9th opponent, Brighton.

Accordingly, Crystal Palace have about 41 points through 34 rounds and they have 4 matches ahead to continue to improve their performance. Crystal Palace have just ended a 4-match winless streak with a 2-1 away win over Southampton. It was also the first time after four games that they scored and Wilfried Zaha marked his return with the decisive goal in injury time. At home, Crystal Palace did not lose the last 6 matches and won 3 of them. Therefore, the 11bet dealerbelieves that the next 3 points are completely within Crystal Palace’s reach

Watford’s hopes of survival were dashed, when this team fell at home to direct competitor Burnley. With only 22 points brought back through 34 rounds, Watford is currently the penultimate in the rankings. They are 12 points behind the safety position of Leeds, while the tournament has only 4 matches ahead. That means Watford must win all the remaining 4 matches and hope Leeds cannot win any more points. That’s a near-impossible scenario at the moment.

Watford is having a very bad series of matches before this competition. They have lost the last 5 matches and have only 1 win in the last 10 outings. In just the last 5 matches, they have conceded 14 goals, which means they go into this match with a very poor defence. In the last 10 matches, they have 8 defeats and from the 30 points that can be achieved in the above series, they only get 4 points. Their away streak is also not encouraging, as Watford have failed to score in five of the last eight.

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