EPL: Leicester vs Everton

Having to focus on the Europa Conference League, Leicester almost accept to let go of the Premier League. This could not be a better opportunity for Everton to find victory when the two teams meet in round 36. The away team is in jeopardy and desperately needs 3 points to escape a relegation spot.

The home team has only won 2 points in the last 4 matches in the Premier League. Coach Rodgers and his team are currently ranked 11th, do not have to worry about relegation, but can also compete for a place in the top 6. It can be said that they have run out of goals and the whole mind of the King Power Stadium team. are focusing all on the Europa Conference League arena, the tournament where they have reached the semi-finals.

In the first leg, Leicester only drew 1-1 away from home. In general, the head-to-head record between the two clubs is relatively balanced, the probability of winning between the two sides is only 50-50. Coach Rodgers teachers and students can play at home, but fatigue is inevitable after a tough match at AS Roma. Most likely they will have to receive an unexpected result.

Coach Frank Lampard is helping Everton regain confidence, in danger, they have played a lot harder and won some positive results. Specifically, the away team defeated both MU and Chelsea, drawing Leicester in the last 4 matches. The only defeat was against Liverpool, but Everton’s fans more or less regained confidence in the home team. The match against Leicester is an opportunity for them to accumulate more points.

Currently, Everton are 2 points behind Leeds and Burnley, but they still have a match to play. Therefore, beating Leicester will be a significant step forward for the visitors to the goal of relegation. Winning 7 points in the last 4 matches has helped the spirit of Lampard’s teachers and students to rise, Everton will certainly enter the game with great determination in the next match. If they make good use of the opportunities, they can leave with a win.

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