EPL: Man City vs Newcastle

Being eliminated in the painful Champions League semi-finals, Manchester City only has the Premier League left and they will have to focus on this arena while Liverpool are still chasing fiercely. Teachers and coaches Pep Guardiola must defeat Newcastle at all costs in the latest match of the 36th round, a task at hand.

In the Premier League alone, Manchester City have won all of the last 3 rounds with very convincing performances. They easily “made salad” Leeds United away from home with the score 4-0 and accompanied by many other scoring opportunities. However, rival Liverpool also did not lose any matches and are still following with a difference of only 1 point. Coach Guardiola’s teachers and students are therefore not allowed to be subjective.

The Etihad Stadium team needs to regain their spirits after a bitter defeat to Real Madrid and stop right before the final. The European dream of the green half of Manchester is unfinished once more, of course, coach Guardiola’s teachers and their fans are very sad. However, the most necessary thing right now is to tighten up the spirit, the Premier League is an opportunity for them to regain their achievements during the whole season.

Winning 4 consecutive victories and expected to cause many difficulties for Liverpool, Newcastle had a good performance despite the much stronger opponent. Unfortunately, they still had to receive defeat with the minimum score from a rather unexpected finish from Keita. However, the fans of Chich Che are not too sad, their club has improved a lot compared to the first half of the season with 10th place in the current rankings.

Reasonable spending in the winter transfer window has helped Newcastle have a makeover, from always on the verge of holding the red light group, the away team has rapidly advanced to the middle of the table. However, their squad is still not strong enough to compete with the big boys. This is not a low number, but it is likely to be conquered when the home team is trying to vent.

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