EPL: Leeds vs Chelsea

Earning only 1 point in the last 3 rounds, Leeds fell to the group holding the red light when currently ranked 18th on the table. Fortunately, the difference between them and the two teams ranked above is not too large, but coach Jesse Marsch’s teachers and students will certainly face many difficulties when welcoming Chelsea in the 33rd round match.

After a crushing 0-4 defeat against Man City, coach Jesse Marsch’s teachers and students faced another strong club, Arsenal. Being 2 goals down after just 10 minutes, right-back Luke Ayling couldn’t keep his composure and he was sent off in the 27th minute. Although central defender Llorente had a goal in the 67th minute, it was like that. is not enough to get Leeds out of defeat, their remaining three matches will be no different than three finals.

The first leg this season took place extremely attractive, although the pahir kicked at Stamford Bridge, but Leeds caused a lot of trouble for the opponent. Unfortunately, they still have to receive a 2-3 defeat in the end and the upcoming return leg is expected to be much more difficult. Coach Jesse Marsch’s teachers and students obviously don’t want to lose, but they need to improve their defense if they want to win at least 1 point.

Chelsea’s future has been decided and they already know who their new boss is, which has had a positive effect on the team’s morale. Coach Tuchel’s teachers and students just dropped the victory in the match against Wolves when Lukaku scored twice to give the home team a 2-goal lead. Unfortunately, the defense played badly and let the opponent equalize 2-2, anyway they are still 5 points ahead of Tottenham and the possibility of having a ticket to the C1 Cup is very high.

3/4 Chelsea handicap, which is not too high considering the strength of the two clubs. At other times, a lot of people will not hesitate to put their faith in Chelsea. However, now Leeds is in a dangerous position and will definitely play with determination that cannot be underestimated. In addition, the mentality of coach Tuchel’s teachers and students is more or less affected after the recent troubles, they need to kick properly to hope to win.

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