SPFL: Premiership

The Scottish Premiership will be covered for two teams only. Celtic team and Rangers team on international coverages.

The first of these two clubs to be created was the one now known as Rangers FC . But surely the name Glasgow Rangers sounds more familiar to most .

147 years ago – 1872 to be exact – four friends decided to found a soccer club. Brothers McNeil , Moses and Peter , plus William McBeath and Peter Campbell met one afternoon in February and brought this institution to life. The name they chose was copied from an English rugby team. More popular sport than football in the UK at the time. Rangers was founded .

FACT Rangers fansare nicknamed Gers, Teddy Bears and the light blue ones

More than 10 years later – in 1887 – in the Church of St. Marys , an Irish Marist founded Celtic . His shield? a four-leaf clover, symbol of Ireland . The club was created for humanitarian rather than sporting purposes in the beginning. It functioned as a means of collecting money and basic goods for daily life, which would be delivered to Irish Catholics who were arriving in Glasgow . Due to this, the popularity of the team began to grow rapidly among a sector of the population that were marginalized from society. This was mostly: Catholics , Republicans , Socialists, and generally of Irish descent.

FACT Celtic fansare known as Los Bohys, los Celtas y los Hoops

This last piece of information that I have just shared with you is relevant to this story. Since in its beginnings, the Rangers did not have a position neither religious nor political. But it began to adopt certain movements, such as Protestants and Conservatives, after the birth of Celtic.

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