EPL: Everton vs Brentford

The thought that Everton would easily get 3 points in the trip to the relegated club Watford, but coach Lampard’s teachers and students only had a goalless draw. Only 2 points more than Leeds United, so they still have to make a lot of effort in the remaining rounds, the immediate task is to beat Brentford.

Defeating both Chelsea and Leicester, Everton fans have great confidence in the home team during their trip to Watford. However, the opponent played very closely and Lampard’s teachers and students could not find their way into the goal of goalkeeper Ben Foster. Although still ranked 16th in the table and still has one match to play, Everton cannot be subjective when the difference with the last group is not safe enough.

In the first leg, a surprise happened when Brentford won with the minimum score. Everton have reclaimed this debt when defeating opponents 4-1 in the FA Cup, but winning the upcoming second leg is the important goal for them. Coach Lampard and his students are very determined, their chances of winning 3 points are not low when the opponent has run out of goals.

After the defeat to MU, Brentford had a much better performance against Southampton, a club that had also run out of goals. Midfielder captain Jansson opened the scoring in the 7th minute and created a favorable premise to help the home team win 3-0 in the end. With a comfortable mentality when they are sure of relegation, coach Thomas Frank’s teachers and students will most likely cause many difficulties for the home team.

Everton handicap of 1/2, which is quite high if it was a few rounds ago. Brentford has beaten both Chelsea or West Ham and is a potential threat when in top form. However, now they have no more motivation, the remaining two rounds are only procedural and the players will not take risks to avoid unnecessary injuries. Everton will most likely get what they need if they don’t squander the opportunity.

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