EPL: Tottenham vs Burnley

Tottenham are inferior to Arsenal in the race for a place in the top 4, coach Conte’s teachers and students have not given up until the last moment. They had to beat Burnley in round 37 and wait for the Gunners to stumble, this is the time when the stars of the home team need to show their role.

Tottenham did not have a successful season, they were eliminated in all Cup competitions and the ticket to the Champions League next season is the only goal left. However, in the race for the top 4, coach Conte’s teachers and students could not take control of themselves. Rival Arsenal have been playing too consistently in recent rounds and the Spurs will have to rely on luck. The immediate task is to defeat Burnley, but the opponent is racing for relegation and has no lack of determination.

In the first leg, a surprise happened when Burnley won with a score of 1-0. Of course, Tottenham really want to reclaim their debt, especially when winning will help them continue to chase Arsenal. The home team’s attack line with many stars will have to find a way to overcome the opponent’s muscular and disciplined defense. If there is no early goal, it is very difficult for the Spurs to have a distinct victory.

Burnley fans were delighted when the home team won three consecutive matches to escape the group holding the red light. However, the defeat against Aston Villa in the previous round showed that the club was still under heavy pressure, they were just ahead of Leeds in the sub-index and played less than 1 match. If you can’t stay focused and accumulate more points, the day Coach Jackson’s teachers and students return to the Championship is not far away.

The home team of Tuft Moor has done all it can in the last few rounds and achieved certain successes. This is not a low number and in the context of Burnley aiming for a draw, it is difficult for the home team to get a big victory on the score.

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