NL: England vs Hungary

In the fourth round of Group 3 – League A – UEFA Nations League, England will host Hungary at home with the goal of nothing but victory to affirm their goal of pursuing the No. 1 position in the rankings. He is really having a start that is still not commensurate with expectations in the UEFA Nations League season 2022/23. On the other side of the Hungarian front line is the team that forced the Three Lions to lose 3 points with a score of 1-0 at home in the first match.

On the home side, with the changes in play style and youth training system, the England team showed a completely different face with a group of young potential players. In the first season, coach Gareth Southgate’s army also won tickets to the semi-finals of the UEFA Nations League with an extremely impressive performance. Obviously, if it is possible to reproduce such a performance and keep the pillars from injury, the Three Lions will still reach far in the near future.

In particular, the recent performance of the British team is relatively good, they have won tickets to the 2022 finals, the tournament that should have taken place this summer, but due to the terrible heat in Qatar at this time, it must be postponed to the winter of 2022. After the first 2 matches of the tournament, coach Gareth Southgate’s army had 1 defeat and 1 draw, won 1 point and are ranked last in the rankings, so they are very determined. got 3 points in the reception to Hungary to maintain hope of going forward.

According to historical confrontation statistics since 2006, Hungary and England have had a total of 5 encounters with each other. Notably, of which 3 victories belonged to the foggy country team. On the Hungarian side, they only managed to beat the opponent once and it was a surprise victory with a score of 1-0 in the first round. In the last match as a guest of England, the team from Eastern Europe had to receive a draw with a score of 1-1.

Although there was only 1 valuable goal against the Three Lions in the last home match, the performance of the Hungarian defense in recent times and especially away from home was not so excellent when conceded in 4/5 matches. Meanwhile, teachers and coaches Marco Rossi also had to concede 2 goals in the last away match in the UEFA Nations League this season.

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