NL: Netherlands vs Wales

After defeating both Belgium and Wales, the Netherlands let Poland draw 2-2 at home. Although they still retain the top position in Group D, they cannot be subjective under the strong pressure from the Belgian team. Therefore, defeating Wales is a task that needs to be completed with coach Louis van Gaal’s teachers and students in the fourth match.

Winning all 6 points in the first 2 matches, the Netherlands was subjective when welcoming Poland. As a result, they were two goals ahead and it was not until this time that coach van Gaal’s students woke up. They scored two goals in just 4 minutes to equalize 2-2, but the remaining minutes the Netherlands was powerless to convert opportunities into goals. The result is not enough for the fans to be satisfied and they need to do better in the next match.

Currently 3 points ahead of Belgium, but there is no guarantee that Louis van Gaal’s teachers and students will finish the group stage with the top position. Therefore, the Netherlands needs to make the most of home matches to accumulate as many points as possible. Wales is not a difficult opponent to play and is clearly a suitable target for the home team to earn 3 more points. If you make good use of the opportunities, the Orange Tornado will get what it needs.

After drawing and losing the first two matches, Wales did not receive high praise when welcoming the Belgian team. However, coach Robert Page’s teachers and students played very hard and despite being led, they were able to equalize in the 86th minute thanks to Brennan Johnson’s work. The fans are hoping that this 1 point won will help the home team players be more confident in the rest of the way, the immediate task is to have a point before the Netherlands.

The duo Depay and Bergwijn were silent in the 2-2 draw with Poland, Wales coach Robert Page may have found a way to minimize the danger of these two strikers. It is likely that Wales will still be underdog for 90 minutes, but they will not easily lose with a score difference.

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