Formula 1 | 2022 | Canada

Formula 1 is back. Now that we are in March, it is time to celebrate the second week of joint tests in what will be the last chance to carry out tests, since the first official Grand Prix session with these new vehicles will take place on March 18.

The teams arrive with a lot of homework to do, the main focus of attention being the fashionable term, ‘porpoising’ , which has emerged as the great enemy of the current single-seaters and which ensures that the first one who manages to deal with it will be able to lower the height to the ground more than anyone and get a notable advantage.

Although the test nature allows the teams to be able to upload the driver they want at any time without even having to notify the FIA, to make life easier for the fans, there are many teams that already facilitate their plans before the start of the tests. Special mention to Haas, where its recently signed driver, Kevin Magnussen , will shoot, without this meaning that Pietro Fittipaldi, who was already confirmed for these tests in Bahrain, is left out. Of course, the team with the American flag will arrive late for this appointment due to logistical problems, not being ready first thing in the morning.

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