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In the process of preparing for the new season, Leeds Utd will tour in Australia. Here, teachers and students Jesse Marsch will play 3 friendlies against Brisbane Roar, Aston Villa and Crystal Palace. In the opening match this afternoon, Leeds Utd was rated superior to Brisbane Roar in terms of force and class. If played properly, the British team can completely win.

A week ago, Leeds Utd kicked off the summer tour with a 4-0 destruction of Blackpool. In the process of preparing for the new season, Leeds Utd parted ways with two important players, Kalvin Phillips and Raphinha. But in return, coach Jesse Marsch welcomed 6 rookies. With the determination to perform, Leeds Utd deserves to be trusted.

Last season saw Leeds Utd struggling with a relegation battle and only stayed in the final round when they finished 17th. The Elland Road team is expected to face even more difficulties. a lot in the upcoming season when a series of their pillars are no longer attached.

Not long ago, Kalvin Phillips made his debut in a Man City shirt, Raphinha also came very close to Barcelona when all procedures were only a matter of time. Of course there have been additions and the rest of the composition still has notable faces but it is clear that the English team are going through a difficult time. The job for coach Jesse Marsch is really difficult when it comes to matching rookies who are only in the form of potential to integrate with new teammates.

This match in general is not a challenge but certainly Leeds Utd need to test the squad rather than think about the professional results. Meanwhile, Brisbane Roar, in addition to the advantage of playing at home, is also a mental fulcrum. Beating a representative of the English Premier League is still something very exciting for every club. Unexpected results are therefore very likely to happen in this match.
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