WC22: Switzerland vs Cameroon

Before entering the campaign to conquer the World Cup 2022, Switzerland disappointed when losing to the opponent under Ghana with a score of 0-2. However, it was only a friendly match, the watch team actively kept their strength, avoiding falling into the physical race with the opponent.

Before that, Switzerland had a good performance in the UEFA Nations League when they won 3 consecutive matches against the Czech Republic, Spain and Portugal. Currently, Swiss stars like Fabian Schar, Granit Xhaka, Denis Zakaria or Xherdan Shaqiri are all ready to play in the match against Cameroon.

On the FIFA rankings in November 2022, Switzerland ranked 15th. Meanwhile, Cameroon ranked 43rd according to FIFA’s assessment. In the same group of 2 strong opponents, Brazil and Serbia, of course, Switzerland will do their best to not miss the opportunity to win all 3 points against Cameroon.

In the last 5 times to attend the World Cup, Cameroon has 4 times failed to pass the group stage. It is highly likely that this team will continue to play the role of a pawn in the 2022 World Cup when the momentum is not good. The last 4 consecutive matches Cameroon does not know the smell of victory, which includes 2 defeats and 2 draws.

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