WC22: Uruguay vs South Korea

South Korea prepares for the 2022 World Cup with exciting momentum, they won both friendlies before the tournament. However, fans should also note that Tiger can only beat Iceland or Cameroon, which are underrated opponents, with a minimum score of 1-0.

To be fair, that is not enough for fans to feel secure in sending them to Korea when the 2022 World Cup kicks off. Things are more difficult for the representative team of the Asian region when they are in the group with the presence of two giants Uruguay and Portugal, or the unpredictable name Ghana.

Today m, Son Heung-Min and his teammates will have the opening match against the opponent from South America Uruguay. Objectively speaking, it is likely that Korea will be the one to taste failure when it is inferior to the opponent in terms of squad quality and confrontation record.

It is known that Uruguay has only lost 1 time and won 4 out of 5 confrontations against Korea since 2003. In which, Luis Suarez and his teammates defeated Korea at the 2010 World Cup when both met in the group stage. At this moment, Uruguay is gaining emotional momentum when winning the last 7/9 matches and they are confident to beat Korea once more at the World Cup.

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