WC22: Wales vs Iran

On the current FIFA rankings, Wales is in 19th place with 1,569 points. Meanwhile, Iran’s similar position is 20th with 1,564 points. The difference between the two teams, according to the World Football Federation, is very small. However, the reality shows that the quality of Wales’ squad is still superior to the number 1 team in Asia.

The value of 26 Welsh players for the 2022 World Cup is nearly 3 times that of the Iran squad. Specifically, according to Transfermarkt, the total value of Wales’ squad is currently 160.15 million euros. The same figure on the Iranian side is only 59.53 million euros. In the opening match at the biggest football festival on the planet this year, Wales is also getting more favorable results than Iran.

Despite letting the US take the lead from the 36th minute, Wales still came upstream to win 1 point after the brilliance of Gareth Bale on the 11m mark. Wales clearly still has the stars that make the difference. Meanwhile, on the opposite side, Iran was almost unable to resist, losing to the army with a score of 2-6 before recruiting him in the opening match.

In the context of facing England in the final match, Wales has even more reason to play with the utmost effort to aim for victory in the upcoming match with Iran. In short, Gareth Bale and his teammates deserve to be trusted in their ability to win in the next 90 minutes.

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